Reflection – A Month in Africa

It has been 63 days since I was sleeping in a small tent on warm African soil praying that I would never have to leave. Today I am sitting on my bed padded with memory foam instead of a sleeping bag and a box of take out food next to me, instead of a bowl of rice.

I’m just as exhausted as I was during my month in Africa but not the same kind of fatigue. This exhaustion is different. I would wear myself out physically, spiritually, and emotionally everyday and all for the Lord. He would fill me up again so I could pour myself out and then do it all over again the next day with just as much joy. This is what a true Christian walk should look like; fully committed to God and serving Him with everything we have. But now I wear myself out trying to be involved in every college club, keeping up with homework, making friends, and doing it all with a smile on my face. Why is this so much harder for me to do? It’s for the same God and I’m the same girl, but I’ve been trying to do it by myself here in America instead of relying on my Father who gives me strength, rest, and joy. Continue reading