10 Ways To Relax Quickly

As a stressful week comes to a close and the energy to have Friday night plans turns into a binge marathon of Friday Night Lights, I always feel exhausted physically and mentally. As easy as it is to pack your weekend with social events and football games it is important to unwind and relax even if it is just for a few minutes. Here are 10 simple and quick things that can help you relax and feel pampered.7.12.10-French-cafe

  • Painting Your Nails: At home or go get a mani/pedi
  • Laying On The Floor: Yep that’s right do nothing. Just be there on your floor or bed. No phone, music or distractions. Just being still
  • Taking A Hot Shower or Bath: Add some bubbles and a good book
  • Drinking Something Warm: Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever warms you up. It helps your muscles relax
  • Whitening Teeth: Sometimes just sitting there unable to talk while you pamper yourself is the way to go. It is quick, easy, and leaves you feeling cleaner and more confident
  • Face Masks: After a week of make up, oil, and touching your face it is time for a revival. It not only helps your skin but also soothes it and helps you relax and unwind. You can make your own masks (egg whites are my favorite) or you can run to target or Sephora and grab some awesome pre-made masks for as little as $2.00. Most of them only take 10 minuets so grab a mask and get relaxing
  • Cleaning The Clutter: I am guilty of this one. When there is clutter around me I can not unwind or focus well until it is cleaned up. A clean and relaxing environment (especially when it is your room) can make all the difference. Even wiping down counter tops or making your bed can help the atmosphere
  • Lighting Candles: This creates such a peaceful environment and you can light candles that match the season. (apple and cinnamon would be perfect for the fall)
  • Watch Your Favorite Movie: Wrap up in a blanket and watch your favorite movie or tv show
  • Getting Outdoors: Weather it is a hike, kayaking or even just sitting on your porch outside

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