Reflection – Reminder of Who God is

Some Truths About (1)

As the stress of the academic semester is coming to a close and the holiday madness is building, we must remember to remind ourselves of who God truly is. He is not just someone to pray to when you need an A on a test or money to buy presents with. He is so much more than that. Don’t forget to speak the truth of who He is into your daily lives. I read these from my journal any time I need peace and encouragement. Here are some from my list. I would love to hear some of yours in the comments.

  1. He is greater than the unknown
  2. He will never fail me
  3. His ways surpass mine
  4. His love is infinite
  5. There is nothing too big for Him
  6. Everything works together for my good
  7. This world will not and cannot change or harm Him
  8. He is faithful
  9. He does not lead me somewhere where He cannot equip me
  10. He loves me as His own chid, even more than my family could
  11. His timing is perfect, nothing too soon or too late
  12. He does not abandon me
  13. He made me for a purpose with goals for me to achieve
  14. He is infinite
  15. He has no fear
  16. He is forgiving and not condemning

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