Reflection – A Summer of Waiting

“What did God teach you this summer?”

My friend asked me this and it caught me off guard. I needed to think about it. It took me awhile but I was finally able to put what God has taught me into words and I wanted to share it.

This summer God has taught me more about myself than I thought possible. When I was planning for it, I was swarming with excitement as I collected studying abroad pamphlets, missions trip forms, and searched for internships, but none of these seemed to be where God was calling me. He wanted me at home. I wasn’t sure why. At first I tried to fight it by planning trips and looking for ways to leave, but I just grew frustrated because God closed every door that I tried to open on my own. Once I gave up fighting it, I was forced to focus. Continue reading

Summer Steals

Check out these adorable outfits from E’s Closet. This boutique has become my new obsession for summer outfits and has some great options for sorority recruitment coming up! Now you can also get 5% off your purchases with the code: lhmccurley. Happy shopping!

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